Seraphic Feather, Vol. 2: Seeds of Chaos

A powerful extraterrestrial technology holds the real promise of curing a future Earth’s ills...unless it falls into the wrong hands, where its potential to exploit, enslave, or exterminate mankind is just as real. And the moon, where an alien starship lies ready to give up its secrets, becomes a deadly battleground for possession of the Emblem Seeds, the key to harnessing the technology’s incredible power. From ruthless corporate operatives to scientifically augmented government agents to murderous robots of unknown origin, all agendas draw in an ever-tightening ring of deceit and death around the precious seeds. And young paranormal Sunao Oumi, unwittingly drawn into the maelstrom, may become the key player in the game that will decide the future!
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  • Model: Manga
  • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Comics

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