Lost in R'lyeh

The island city of R'lyeh is full of horrors. Profane idols, ominous dreams, and voodoo rites await its visitors. Underneath the city, great Cthulhu lies dreaming of rising soon… Try to escape the city of R'lyeh in this tight, tense hand-management game based on the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft. No One Wins in Lovecraft's World: Gameplay Basics In Lost in R'lyeh, players race to play all of their escape cards and leave the island city before Cthulhu awakens. First, the players must deplete the draw pile and empty their hands. But beware! Sets and event cards trigger special effects that can change the tide of the game. Once players have emptied their hands, they can begin to play escape cards, ending with their ultimate escape! The last person remaining on the island meets a tragic end, losing the game. Can you escape R'lyeh?
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  • Model: Card Game

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