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Welcome to the Comics Keep

Pull Lists In store and Mail order Services

The Comics Keep is happy to announce a new service to all of our customers. You may now signup and manage your pull list online at


1. Nothing is showing in my pull list when I log in.
We are currently working on updating everyone’s pull lists in the system from our records on file. Feel free to add any titles to the pull list that you want. It will actually assist us in getting the system completely online sooner.

2. What if I don’t want to buy my comics online?
Do not be concerned you are not actually buying your comics online. This is nothing more then a service to manage the list of title that you wish to have us pull and put into your file on a recurring basis. That being said the site does allow for the option to prepay for your pulls ahead of time online. Then when you come into the store you can just pick them up, but that is not a requirement. Other then allowing you access to the pull list that we have for you nothing else has changed.

3. I want to still support the store, not some other online store.
Again, this is nothing more then an administrative service that we are providing to you our valued customers. We wanted to help empower you to have more access and control over how and what title that we pull for you. That way if you see or hear about something new, you can just login and add it to your list and then have peace of mind that we will get it added to the order for you. No more getting to the store and then forgetting the name of the title that you heard about earlier in the week, something that I know I myself have done.

4. I do not see any way to add variants or specific covers to my pull list, only the
main title such as The Amazing Spider-man?
No problem, we are able to add specific customer notes to your file stating that you want specific things such as variant covers, “B” covers, all covers by specific artist, specific characters and such. This is actually nothing different then what we were doing before. The improvement is that it also can be pulled as a report so that we have these type of requests more accessible.

5. What if I don’t have an email or I don’t want to use this service?
Again no problem, we will track you a different way. You will still get your titles pulled on a recurring basis just as before we started this service.

6. Will this cost me more to get my pulls?
No, there is no cost to you the customer. The only additional cost would be if you chose to pay for your books online and requested for them to be shipped to you. In such case you would be charged the cost of shipping. Additionally you would still receive your discount for being a file holder.

7. Does this support online orders?
Yes, with this service we are expanding our mail order pull list service. If you have a current file or would like to open a file please update the shipping information in your account. When we pull your file we will send you an invoice and once paid we will get your books/order out to you.

8. What about special orders or things that I do not see in the catalog?
If there is an item from the Diamond catalog or any other that you do not see listed please let us know. The entire catalog is not uploaded as there is a great deal of stuff that doesn’t get ordered often and would just be excess bulk in the database. That being said if there are specific items that you think should be added on a recurring bases let us know and we will get back with the developer and see about getting them entered.

About Us

The Comics Keep is the peninsulas oldest comic book shop. We have served the Kitsap peninsulas comic book and gaming needs for over twenty eight years. The Keep has comic books, collectables, games, gaming tables, and other items.

Want to make sure you get that title that you are looking for, comic book subscription are available. Just talk to our helpful staff and they can get you setup for a pull list. Looking to get rid of your old comics, let us take a look. We are always looking to improve our back issues, preferably Gold and Silver age items (40’s-70’s), though if you have other items let us know.

Did you know that we will mail your pull list too you. If you leave the area or are not able to find a store in your location and are still wanting to receive your pull list/subscription talk to our staff and arrangements can be made to mail you your books. Game table are available free of charge.

New terrain and tables are being developed all the time so come on by and get in a game. We will stay open as long as people are still gaming. If there is something missing from our shelves that you would like, please tell us. We can order it for you at no extra cost and can usually have it in just a couple of days.

Active Military will always receive a 10% discount on everything.
File/Pull list holders receive a 10% discount.
Discounts do not stack

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