How do I get to The Keep?

Link HERE for a map. The best landmarks to find us by are that the Keep is in the Lighthouse Plaza. Other shops in the mall here are Quality Rentals and Curves.

What products do you carry?

Comics: At the moment we stock Current Issue Comic Books by Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and other independents, as well as a large selection of Graphic novels. Our ordering is based on what is popular, as there are many comics every week to appeal to a incredibly broad range of interests. If there is something you are interested in and we don’t have a “shelf copy” we are happy to order anything published in for you. We do have some back issues (See below).

Gaming: We carry the full lines of Warhammer Fantasy, and Warhammer 40K, Citadel Miniatures Modeling Supplies, WARMACHINE, HORDES, and P3 Supplies, Infinity, Soda Pop Miniatures, and Dystopian Wars. We carry an expanding selection of Board games produced by Steve Jackson games and others. Roleplaying games are also popular here and there are a few different campaigns that are constantly running.

Do you buy….?

We get a lot of people calling to see if we buy cards, comics, and collectibles of all kinds. The answer is generally no. There are shops in Seattle and on the web that specialize in collectibles that might purchase them, but the best forum for selling collectibles these days are the internet auction sites such as e-bay.

I am looking for (really cool comic that I had as a kid) #infinity… do you have it?

Probably not. We do have a selection of back issues, but it is by no means complete. There are shops that specialize in having back issues of anything you can imagine, but we are not that shop.

Are you open on Mondays?

Yes, we have started being open on Mondays, 11am to 6pm.

What time do you close?

Posted closing hour Wednesday through Saturday is 8, and on Sunday through Tuesday is 6. That said, if there are games in progress when that hour arrives, we will stay open later. It is not uncommon on Fridays for The Keep to be open past Midnight.