Have a few titles you want to make sure you get? Sign up for a pull box! A pull box means a guaranteed order of upcoming issues specifically for you–no mad scramble to grab the last one on the shelf!

There are only two requirements:

1) You must have at least five monthly titles selected for your pull box.

Box space is limited, and in order to justify the space used, five is our absolute minimum number allowed.

2) You must clear out your pull box at least once a month.

Again, space is limited! The boxes are small, and fill up quickly, so we’d appreciate it if you kept yours tidy!

NOTE: If these rules are not adhered to, we will be forced to cancel your hold on those titles and free up the box space for someone else. We don’t want to–we want you to have your comics too!

If you’d like to sign up for a pull box, give us a call at (360) 479-6421 or use the handy form at the right of the page today!