Welcome to the Comics Keep!

The Comics Keep is the West Sound’s premiere destination for comics and miniature gaming supplies and paraphernalia. Our services include:

  • Subscription pull boxes for regular comics readers.
  • Special ordering of specific comics, dice, or other accessories.
  • Several game tables for miniature gaming, pencil-and-paper role playing games, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled D&D, Warmachine, and other games.

The Comics Keep is located in Suite F of the Lighthouse Plaza in East Bremerton. We can be reached at (360) 479-6421. Our hours are:

  • Monday and Tuesday from 11am to 6pm,
  • Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 8 pm,
  • Sunday 12 noon to 6 pm.

We do have a policy of staying late if there are games in progress, though how late new games can start is at the discretion of the staff. We hope you stop by!

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